Feeling a bit like this is idols?

Clare Neser Blog

My first foray into blogging feels a bit like SA Idols, where everyone encourages Amy to sing, especially her mother, who says she has the voice of an angel, but she has a voice fit only for shower time gigs. So no promises, but this is it.

Hello and Welcome.

My speciality is Plastic and reconstructive surgery, and I am fascinated by the sheer breadth and scope, and impact, of this wonderful field. I learn something new everyday from my patients, each with their own slightly different problem that needs solving.

This blog is essentially going to be a portal to what is interesting, insightful and innovative in the field of medicine and surgery and in SA.

Most physicians and surgeons are more like “work horses” than “show horses” and because of their nature they just get on with the job. They don’t broadcast it. It occurred to me, that the information about what is available at the cutting edge and not-so-cutting edge, is not shared well.

I will naturally focus on Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, which is my main interest, and expertise but I will from time to time cajole contributors from other fields of medicine into sharing their insights and innovations. That is the plan anyway.

To get me started on this blog-adventure, I naturally did some google-research about blogs and the big blog-writers say, keep it 350 to1500 words. And I am there. So with that, I will say good bye till my next post